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Committee List

Committee List


College Committee

This committee provides leadership for the overall direction and support of college development and institutional effectiveness. Periodically, conduct the meeting and discussed about college students & staff community of development based on the academic & administration. These Members in the Council is follows:

  • Thiru R. Ramasamy

    Muthayammal Memorial College of arts and Science

  • Thiru R. Premkumar

    M.A., M.Phil.,

  • Thiru R.Vijay kumar

    B.E., M.Sc.,

  • Thirumathi R. Jothimani

    Muthayammal Memorial College of arts and Science

  • Dr. A. Manikandan

    M.Sc., M.Phil., MCA., M.Tech.,Ph.D.,

  • Mr. G. Vijayakumar

    M.Sc., M.Phil., ME.,

    Principal (Polytechnic College)
  • Dr. B. Rajendran

    MCOM , M.Phil., Ph.D.,

    Principal (Arts College)

Discipline & Redressal Committee

The College Discipline Committee is constituted for the maintenance of discipline in the College. Students who engage in academic misconduct or violate the standards of the College community in other ways may be brought before the College’s disciplinary committee. If students are found responsible for misconduct, the disciplinary committee has the right to impose sanctions ranging from probation to suspension or expulsion. The MUTHAYAMMAL EDUCATIONAL TRUST formed a Discipline Committee in Muthayammal Memorial College of Arts and Science with the members is follows

  • Mrs. J. Gomathi

    i/c & AP/Tamil.

    Head Of Department
  • Mr. A. Barnabas

    i/c & AP/English.

    Head Of Department
  • Dr. C. Gowthaman


    Head Of Department
  • Dr. K. Manimozhian


    Head Of Department
  • Mr. M. Suresh

    i/c & AP/Maths.

    Head Of Department
  • Mrs. S. Haseena

    i/c & AP /Physics.

    Head Of Department
  • Dr. G. Venkatesh


    Head Of Department
  • Dr. N. Nithyanantham

    AP/Computer Science.

    Head Of Department
  • Mr. P. Sakthivel

    i/c & AP/BCA.

    Head Of Department
  • Dr. M. Arulkumar

    AP/ Botany

    Head Of Department
  • G. Nagarajan

    Physical Director

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