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Agricultural Technology

About Agricultural Engineering

The Department of Agricultural Technology was started in the year 2023 with the goal of developing outstanding technologists in the agricultural sector. Our state-of-the-art agricultural technology diploma programme combines science, engineering, and technology to create sustainable and effective farming methods that can satisfy the expanding global demand for food.

Our faculty members are dedicated to offer students the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed and have a wealth of expertise. Our students have access to cutting-edge facilities and technology, as well as chances for research and internships, and we place a strong emphasis on practical learning.

By the time they graduate, our students are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to meet the tremendous problems the agriculture sector is currently facing.

Multiple job options are available to our graduates in sectors like crop management, research and development, and food processing, among others. They have the skills to pursue a variety of jobs in the agricultural sector.

Agricultural Technology provides a theoretical and practical knowledge about the various aspects of agriculture. It also deals with various agricultural technologies such as machinery, chemical and fertilizers which improves agricultural productivity. it includes the curriculum Introduction to Agriculture, Principles of Agronomy, Fundamentals of Soil Science, Economic Botany, Biomathematics, Crop Production, Soil Chemistry, Plant Pathology, Livestock and Poultry Production, Basics of Agricultural Engineering, Principles of Genetics, Water Management, Production Technology of Food Crops, Plant Breeding, Agricultural Statistics, Weed Management, Green House Technology, Agricultural Microbiology, Seed Production Technology, Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture, Postharvest Technology. The employment areas after completing Diploma in Agricultural Technology are Agricultural Companies, Plantation Companies, Government and Private Agricultural Firms, Food Production, Fertilizer Manufacturing. The job profiles after completing this Diploma course are Agriculture Officer, Farm Manager, Seed Production Executive, Researcher, Agriculture Sales Officer, Business Manager, Tea Gardener.