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Lab Facilities

Diploma in

Automobile Engineering

Lab Facilities

Strength of Materials Lab

– helps the students experience, materials testing practically and is comprised of modernized testing equipments such as,

  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Brinell, Rockwell Hardness Testing M/c
  • Universal Testing Machine of 400T Capacity
  • Compression Testing Machine
  • Tensile Tester
  • Torsion Testing Machine
  • Fatigue Testing Machine
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Jomney End Quench Testing machine
  • Strain Measurement using Strain Gauge
  • Deflection Testing Apparatus
  • Metallurgy Microscope and
  • Binocular Microscope
Automobile Chassis And Transmission Lab

– provides hands on experience like dismantling, assembling and to observe the work mechanism of automobile parts. The lab provides the following for practical experience.

  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
  • Two stroke Engine – Petrol / Diesel
  • Four Stroke Engine – Petrol / Diesel
  • Car Chassis
  • Two/Three Wheeler vehicle, chassis and
  • Transmission System

– gives designing insights of the machine components and helps students stimulate programs as per their requirements. The lab also helps students practice on 3D drawing commands, solid rendering, design parts of CNC lathe and milling machines.

Manufacturing Technology Lab

– supplies the necessary equipments and machineries for project experiments and innovative works. This lab comprises of

  • Capstan Turret Lathes
  • Shaping Machines
  • Milling Machines
  • Cylindrical and Surface Grinder
  • Tool and Cutter Grinder
  • Slotting Machines
  • Centre Lathes
  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Hacksaw machine
  • Foundry
  • Welding and Forging
Thermal Engineering Lab

supports students gain through knowledge on thermal engineering procedures. It is a combo of the following modernized equipments

  • Steam Boiler and Turbo Generator Test Rig
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Test Rigs
  • Two Stage Air Compressor
  • Different I.C. Engine Test Rigs.
  • Cut models of two stroke and four stroke engines
  • Steam Injector.
  • Red Wood Viscometer
  • Pensky Martens open up Apparatus
  • Bomb Calorimeter
  • Multi Gas Analyzer Smoke meter

Teaches students about the electric circuit connections, working of electrical components and lighting systems. This lab has equipments such as starter, carburetor, battery and other materials that aid in providing knowledge about circuits and components.

Automation Lab

Supports in helping students gain knowledge and practical experience in the field of industrial automation. The following equipments help in learning the current trends.

  • Steam Boiler and Turbo Generator Test Rig
  • Single Acting Hydraulic cylinder kit
  • Double Acting Hydraulic cylinder kit
  • Single Acting Pneumatic cylinder kit
  • Double Acting Pneumatic cylinder kit
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Software Access

Students are given the opportunity to learn and get exposed to the following software to equip them effectively as per the industry demands.

  • 3D Modeling
  • Fusion360
  • Solid edge
  • Solid work
  • Catia
  • Pro E
  • Auto cad

  • Admission Procedure:  As Per State Government Norms
  • Course Duration (Full Time):  Three Years (Six Semesters)
  • Course Duration (Part Time):  Four Years (Eight Semesters)
  • Course level:  Diploma
  • Degree:  Diploma