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Civil Engineering

About Civil Engineering

“Civil Engineers” are the out of the box thinkers who have built numerous man-made wonders that decorate the world we live in. If you ever wanted to build innovative, smart, resilient, and green sustainable towns and cities, revolutionize travel on the nation’s highways, develop innovative processes to provide water resources, “Civil Engineering” is the course of study for you.

The department of Civil Engineering, established in the year 1984 has amplified itself to greater degrees. It has catered the knowledge needs of our students over the years by continuously updating itself to present trends. Since our institution is a pioneer and ranks top in the state, renowned construction organizations opt for our students and hand pick them through campus interviews.

This course comprises of both theory and practical knowledge. Exposure to the current trends and technology is nurtured to the students in the form of workshops, conferences, seminars, symposiums, and continuing education programs. Practical knowledge is provided by visiting lifeline infrastructure systems that includes construction sites, water/sewage treatment plants, railway yards, and power supply networks.

The vision of the department is to provide the nation with top notch civil engineering diploma graduates who are capable of providing practical solutions to emerging challenges and to be globally accepted for their skills in creating human friendly infrastructures.

To support, nurture, and bring out the best in our students, the syllabus is balanced perfectly with a combo of theory and practical needs.