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Biomedical Engineering

About Biomedical Engineering

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is to develop clinically translatable solutions for human health by training the next generation of biomedical engineers, cultivating leaders, and nurturing the integration of science, engineering, and medicine in a discovery-centered environment.

The department of Biomedical Engineering was initiated during the year 2023 and continues to disseminate and enrich knowledge to students through workshops, conferences, and continuing education programs.

The vision of the department is to be the premier biomedical engineering platform in the world, based on the excellence of our people, our innovative multidisciplinary and enabling research, and our discovery-centered educational programs. We strive to pioneer the transfer of biomedical engineering research into applications that will advance and improve health care throughout Texas and the world.

To bring out the best in our students, help them achieve great heights, the syllabus is designed to balance the theory and the practical equally.